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Jun 28, 2022
Jun 28, 2022
Karen Hardesty Stiltner Jane Crocamo Skacan
Jun 28, 2022
Aren’t they beautiful? Thanks to Jane Crocomo Skacan who has become one of my “regular” donors! Thanks so much!🤗😘
Jun 18, 2022
More beautiful blankets labeled and packaged for our next delivery! A special thanks to my 92 year old mother in law who crocheted these 4 beautiful blankets in honor of Amy and London!😇😇❤️🦋 🦋 Karen Hardesty Stiltner
May 31, 2022
Thank you Wilmington Trust N.A. - An M&T Company, for supporting London’s Legacy with a blanket making event! they are beautiful!Thanks also to my friends Jo Ann and Valerie for standing in for me to host the event! ❤️😇😇🦋🦋
May 19, 2022
Sharing for those that did not see the magazine! So honored to be nominated for What’s Up Media’s volunteer nomination!❤️
May 19, 2022
And this is why we do what we do… A thank you note from a parent…
Apr 28, 2022
Excited to keep spreading the word on London’s Legacy 🦋. Check out May’s issue of What’s Up Annapolis?
Apr 23, 2022
It is always so moving to receive a note from a parent whose child has received one of our blankets!❤️❤️
Apr 21, 2022
Just received a thank you from the staff at U of MD PICU 💙 London's Legacy Karen, A big thank you from the PICU staff for the cookies and blankets! A grandmother picked out a blanket for her little one and was so appreciative – she picked out a blanket with a seashell theme because they enjoy the beach so this blanket made her smile. Staff enjoyed picking out blankets for kiddos who didn’t have family present… a nice change of pace from medical care. Thank you for all you do Karen! Everyone in the PICU “knows” London and Amy because of your ongoing support – those of us who had the opportunity to care for London and your family as well as our new staff who have learned about London’s Legacy. They are not forgotten. Thinking of you as you visit the gardens on this most special of days. Warmly, Shannon
Apr 21, 2022
Recent blanket deliveries in honor of Amy’s Birthday today! 60 to Upper Chesapeake and 60 to U of MD PICU!! Thanks to all who continue to contribute to keep our foundation going… Progressing into our 6th year thanks to so many of you!😇😇🦋🦋🤗❤️
Mar 11, 2022
Thank you Rita M Frantz for the beautiful blankets! ♥️😇🦋
Mar 9, 2022
Thank you SO much Nancy Schrum for hosting a blanket making party in Florida on your birthday to honor our angels! 10 blankets made for our next delivery! Thanks to all!🦋🦋😇😇
Mar 3, 2022
Delivery to U of MD Children’s Hospital PICU today - 25 Toiletry Bags, 25 Blankets and 30 wooden toys! 😇😇🦋🦋 Thanks to all who helped with these donations! They are very much appreciated!
Mar 1, 2022
Another delivery to GBMC today! Makes it all worthwhile when you see how excited they are to get the blankets and bags!!🦋😇😇❤️
Feb 25, 2022
Feb 23, 2022
First delivery of blankets completed! BWMC in Glen Burnie, MD 🦋😇😇
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For the child and family, the blankets help to normalize the experience of being in an often overwhelmingly technologically complex unit, providing a pop of color in a soft, soothing material.

The blankets remind patients and families that others are thinking about them, and/or know what it is like to be in a PICU, which can be frightening at times.

Kayleigh Koehler • Child Life Specialist, University of Maryland Children’s Hospital
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